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Modern-Day Warriors Battling Injustice – The Loyal Arthurian Warband

Knights, Temples and magical dragons are usually things we envision as fairy tales full of mystical imagination. However, there is a band of contemporary medieval warriors waging battle against environmental and political injustice.

They are led by a man who is the self-proclaimed reincarnation of one of legends most fabled warriors. It is an order declaring itself The Modern Druid Movement, The People’s Druids. Let’s talk about a real-life King Arthur and The Loyal Arthurian Warband.

History of The Loyal Arthurian Warband

Even as an anointed reincarnation of a king, that king cannot successfully fight even peaceful battles alone. A man proclaiming himself as having had a spiritual epiphany telling him that he was the reincarnated King Arthur formed such an order of like-minded warriors.

They began doing battle against political injustice as The Arthurian Warband. Their motto proclaimed that they were led spiritually by a Chief Druid as Warriors for Order to Fight for Truth, Honor and Justice.

Through an assertion of being modern-day Druids, the order immediately developed a strong spiritual affinity for Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. One of their first protests was at the famous prehistoric monument.

After their initial protest, their leader changed their name to the present day. The Loyal Arthurian Warband has battled against perceived political injustice since the Battle of Beanfield in 1985. They have initiated dozens of petitions and instigated numerous pickets and protests.

The Loyal Arthurian Warband has fought against all types of what they see as political tyranny. They fight for nature and those who cannot defend themselves. As colorful and passionate as their protests are, there is none more colorful than their anointed Chief Druid.

King Arthur Pendragon

A leader should exemplify the principles of those they are chosen to lead. The Loyal Arthurian Warband is led by modern-day king. Arthur Uther Pendragon was born John Timothy Rothwell. He spent most of his early life in Yorkshire and Liverpool.

The young boy was actually expected to be a girl and his parents originally had planned to name their baby Susan Carol. When Johnny as he would be called was born, the name change became a necessity.

Rothwell had an epiphany in 1986 where he envisioned himself as the undoubted reincarnation of King Arthur. The young Rothwell spent years engrossed in the study Druidism, with an affinity for the occult, religion and various medieval theories about philosophy.

He was compelled through his ancestral attachment to the original Druids to live a life dedicated to honor, truth and to battle against injustice. Through the deed poll process, Rothwell changed his name to Arthur Uther Pendragon.

Pendragon is the duly appointed Titular Head and Chosen Chief Druid. He is a colorful figure, with a life founded on a rebellious nature that feels emboldened to fight injustice. Dressed in a white robe with an embroidered red dragon across his chest, he embodies the honorable principles each member of The Loyal Arthurian Warband believes.

Stonehenge and the Legal Battle

The magnificent monument called Stonehenge has been of the places The Loyal Arthurian Warband has battled to protect. At the urging of their leader, they picketed against the proposed parking tax leveled at higher-profile Stonehenge events that attracted more visitors.

They adamantly refused the idea that they had to pay to pray. One of the order’s most noteworthy fights was one to have something returned to Stonehenge. The English Heritage removed burial remains to set up a public display at a nearby museum.

The idea that their ancestral dead were disturbed and put on display was an atrocity that Pendragon felt worthy of a legal fight. He eventually had his case insisting that the remains be returned to Stonehenge heard by the Salisbury County Court.

Pickets & Protests

As self-proclaimed warriors for change, The Loyal Arthurian Warband has been at the forefront of many politically focused movements. They have stood up against the destruction of nature and other wrongs attacking the preservation of their Druid ancestral heritage.

The Chief Druid, King Arthur Pendragon, has been instrumental in championing a number of legal battles against governmental bureaucracy. Here are a few of the more noteworthy pickets and protests by The Loyal Arthurian Warband and their colorful leader.

The Environment

With a strong affinity for nature and a guiding principle that it is their job to protect her, The Loyal Arthurian Warband has strived to speak out against perceived environmental injustice. Their protests initiated against fracking have been some of their most fervent movements.

The group has voiced scientific evidence that denounced the skeptical practice of badger culling. They waged protests against the Newbury Bypass project, plus were an integral part of the Titnore Woods movement, which occupied the woods in protest of development.

One of the most recent battles waged by The Loyal Arthurian Warband is a global one. The order has long voiced their concern over environmental ignorance and a disregard for the planet.

They are a powerful advocate against continued policies they feel are behind climate change. Pendragon and The Loyal Arthurian Warband believe that they have been entrusted with the metal to fight for the less-fortunate, and especially for Mother Nature.

Connection to the Druids

The Druids‘ history is shrouded in mystery. If someone reads only the accounts attributed to Julius Caesar, one would envision the Druids as borderline satanic, with a penchant for human sacrifice. Most of those legends are deemed incorrect, let alone unsubstantiated.

The Loyal Arthurian Warband ascribes to the belief that the Druids are their direct ancestral heritage. They associate with a natural order of things where every living creature should be treated with compassion.

Members of The Loyal Arthurian Warband adamantly insist that they are direct descendants of the original Celtic Iron Age Druids. They foster their ancestral association with magical and spiritual things. King Arthur Pendragon is acknowledged as the Chief Druid.

Fictional tales of magical medieval mystery are quite fascinating. However, there is nothing fictional about a band of modern day warriors for change. They are The Loyal Arthurian Warband and a modern day king guides them in battle.

If it’s an affront to the needy and less-fortunate or against nature, don’t be surprised if you see King Arthur Pendragon and his warriors ready to engage in a modern-day legal fight for justice.