Stonehenge & the Legal Battle

The Loyal Arthurian Warband’s Battle to Return Unearthed Remains to Stonehenge

The Loyal Arthurian Warband has been an active voice against a number of perceived political and environmental atrocities. Many of their ambitions target the preservation of sites of historical significance. One place that has received a wealth of their attention is the Stonehenge monument near Wiltshire, England.

Through the leadership of their Chief Druid, King Arthur Pendragon, The Loyal Arthurian Warband has fought against parking fees, a preset attendance maximum at Stonehenge events, plus any restriction of access to Stonehenge. However, one of their most passionate appeals was over something that was taken away.

Human remains uncovered at Stonehenge seem to indicate the site held a tremendous spiritual significance. Here’s an overview of Stonehenge and why King Arthur Pendragon and The Loyal Arthurian Warband fought to for the return of the dead to their resting place.

The History of Stonehenge

Even a photograph of this collection of massive stones, obviously stacked in a predetermined pattern, is astounding. Standing face-to-face with a 13-foot tall, 25-ton arrangement of stones is deemed by many to be an experience of the spiritual world.

The place is called Stonehenge. Massive stones are arranged in a circular pattern, an arrangement with dated estimates as much as 5,000 years old. There have been as many theories as to their mysterious origin as there are pounds in each stone.

The stones supposedly have been erected by ancient aliens, or hauled across Europe in similar fashion as were the Great Pyramids of Egypt. As with many of the theories, most can be discounted with a small dose of archaeological evidence.

Still, there is little evidence to pinpoint who or why these massive rocks were positioned in an obviously intentional circle pattern. Most agree there is clearly a significant association with the spiritual world, specifically different seasonal positions of the sun.

Both the summer and winter solstice bring thousands of visitors annually to witness the sunrise on these spiritually significant days. A perfect alignment with the River Aven supports many theories that the site was a place for ritualistic sacrifice during these celestial celebrations.

Some of the most visited periods at Stonehenge involve the equinox periods. There are other theories that insist the orderly placed stones were part of an ancient temple. Discoveries made within a few hundred yards of the stones, add further support this hypothesis.

There are those who believe the stones have a mystical healing power within them. Others think they were aligned in a perfect acoustical pattern so sounds could emanate to the heavens and please the gods.

Adding more spiritual fascination to the area is the proximity of these Neolithic monuments so close to Stonehenge. Some of these monuments are burial grounds indicative of practices during the prehistoric Bronze Age.

The disruption of these sacred sites is something that irked Pendragon and The Loyal Arthurian Warband as much as any other. Forcing excavated remains of their perceived ancestors to be put back where they belonged, became one of the groups must fervent battles.

Return the Bones to Stonehenge

King Arthur Pendragon and The Loyal Arthurian Warband, plus thousands of Druids around the world, were sickened by the exploitation of what they adamantly felt were the sacred remains of their ancestors.

Pendragon launched a legal battle Salisbury County Court to have the bones put back where they came. The exhibit was an event staged by the English Heritage. They used as their basis for the public display as a way to help visitors develop a deeper attachment to the monument.

Pendragon and fellow Druids believed it to be quite the opposite. He went as far as to refer to the exhibit as nothing more than a Victorian Peep Show. Followers of The Loyal Arthurian Warband saw the Heritage’s sole motivation to be out of financial greed.

They felt the uprooting of people’s laid to rest centuries ago to be another method to make money off the spiritually reverent site. Pendragon insisted the bone display was another way to make money off people, just like the paid parking rules enacted for high-traffic events at Stonehenge.

He vowed to stop what he believed was the exploitation of a spiritually sacred monument for frivolous financial gain. The English Heritage insisted that the remains had to be used to foretell the story of Stonehenge through a truthful authenticity.

Again, Pendragon denounced the reasoning as little more than lip-service to cover up the genuine goal of the Heritage, to make money off of a sacred place. His court battle started in 2015, and his case was acknowledged early in 2016.

While Pendragon and The Loyal Arthurian Warband lost this initial battle, they vowed to proceed with an unrelenting fervor to see to it that this injustice is overturned. Pendragon believes the bones are of direct ancestry to the Druids.

Returning them to the burial site near the Stonehenge circle at Wiltshire is not only the decent and right thing to do, but based in a spiritual belief that it catastrophically affects their sacred connection with the world.

Stonehenge is one of the most baffling ancient marvels of the modern world. Its mystery is equal to that of the giant Pyramids of Egypt and the spectacular Incan cities in South America. Stonehenge seems to also have a close association and special significance for the Druids.

The Loyal Arthurian Warband believes they are direct descendants of these mystical elites. Pendragon and his followers insist they are the children of those unearthed at Stonehenge for public display. They want their ancestors put back where they belong.